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By-Laws of the Hereford Lacrosse Program

2 February 2014 Release
Revision History
24 February 2014 – clarification regarding organizational chart under Article VI, clarification regarding guests that attend general board meetings, under Article X - Meetings
1 July 2012 – Bi Annual review of program documents
12 September 2005 – Voting Rights Clarification, Alternative Proposal Section and
Communication Article
28 August 2005- Voting Rights, Polices and Miscellaneous Administrative Changes
10 August 2005- Initial Release
Table of Contents
Article I Name
Article II Purpose and Mission Statement
Article III By-Laws
Article IV Policies
Article V Precedence
Article VI Boards Members
Article VII Voting Rights
Article VIII Hereford Lacrosse Policies
Article IX Parliamentary
Article X Meetings
Article XI Debating Motions
Article XII Financials
Article XIII Amendments


Article I – Name:
The name of this organization shall be Hereford Lacrosse Program (also referred to herein as “HL” or “the Program”. The Program is a member of the Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Council (also referred to herein as “HZRPC”).

Article II – Purpose and Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Program is to provide the Players with an understanding of the fundamental skills required to play the game of lacrosse. The Program shall promote an atmosphere of learning, enjoyment, and good sportsmanship. The safety of the Hereford Lacrosse Players and Opposing Players shall always be held in the utmost regard. Opposing coaches, players, parents, spectators, and especially officials shall be treated with respect and dignity at all times. All Coaches, Players and Parents associated with the Program shall conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the Program. Unsportsman-like behavior will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances by any of the Program’s Board, Coaches, Players, and Parents and spectators. Hereford Lacrosse is first and foremost an instructional lacrosse program. As its primary goal, Hereford Lacrosse supports teaching the fundamental aspects of lacrosse, as well as age-appropriate advanced concepts, in a setting that promotes both a fun environment and good sportsmanship, both on and off the field, by all players, coaches, parents, and administrative leaders. Hereford Lacrosse strives to be a “gold standard” program, by adopting the tenants as laid out by U.S. Lacrosse, The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), and the Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA).

Specifically, Hereford Lacrosse wants to:
1. Encourage, foster, and promote the sport of lacrosse, as played by both boys and girls at all skill levels all, in the Northern Baltimore County area (The Hereford Zone).
2. Be a resource for information, education and guidance for the entire Hereford Lacrosse program, including players, coaches, and parents within the community.
3. Be a leader through positive example, including players, coaches, teams, and administrators.
4. Emphasize respect and sportsmanship by “Honoring the Game” of lacrosse.
5. Embracing the “double-goal” coach mentality of PCA:
a. Goal 1: Winning (is important)
b. Goal 2: Teaching life lessons (is more important!)

Article III – By-Laws:
The Program shall operate within the organizational constraints as set forth within the HZRPC Constitution. These By-Laws provide definition for the HL Program. In the event of a conflict between the HZRPC Constitution and HL By-Laws, the HZPRC Constitution shall take precedence. The HZRPC Constitution and HL By-Laws govern the organization and the decision process.

Article IV – Policies:
HL decisions, actions, and implementation details are documented in the HL Policies. If a HL Policy does not exist, the Program shall use the HZRPC Policy. In the event a conflict between the HZRPC Policy and the HL Policy, the HL Policy shall take precedence.
Article V – Precedence:
The following is the HL Order of Precedence:
1. United States Laws
2. Maryland Statutes
3. Baltimore County Statutes
4. Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks
5. Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Constitution
6. Hereford Zone Recreation and Park Policies
7. Hereford Lacrosse By-Laws
Article VI – Board Members:
1. The Hereford Lacrosse Board shall consist of the following:
a. An Executive Board
b. A Girls’ Board
c. A Boys’ Board
2. The Executive Board shall consist of the following:
a. A Program Commissioner
b. A Program Treasurer
c. A Program Secretary
d. An Assistant Commissioner for the Girls’ Program
e. An Assistant Commissioner for the Boys’ Program
3. The Girls’ and Boys’ Boards shall consist of the following:
a. An Assistant Commissioner for the Program
b. Administrative Coordinators for Registration, Fields, Tournaments, Equipment and Uniforms
c. A Player Coordinator for each playing level (Spirit, Tyker, Lightning, Midget, Juniors and High School)
4. The Executive Committee is comprised of board member positions that are not specific to either the Boys’ or Girls’ Programs and will report directly to the program commissioner. These members will, along with the members of the Executive Board will comprise the EC:
a. A Team Parent Coordinator
b. A Fund Raising Coordinator
c. A Web/Technology Coordinator
d. An Education Coordinator
f. Executive Board
5. The Program and its Boards are organized as shown in Appendix A.
6. Job descriptions for each board position are shown in Appendix B.
These descriptions are for reference only and will be updated as policies are defined.
7. All board members shall be elected each year and shall serve a one (1)-year term. If multiple candidates are seeking a specific position on the board, each candidate must submit information regarding their qualifications to the Executive Board. Once approved by the Executive Board, each candidate will be placed on the ballot. In the case of multiple candidates, votes will be submitted anonymously and will be tabulated during the board meeting. Board members may vote in absentia.
8. There are no term limits. Members may serve on the board as long as they are elected.
9. Elections shall be held after the completion of the outdoor season and prior to the start of the indoor season.

Article VII – Voting Rights:
1. A Hereford Lacrosse quorum is three (3) members of the Executive Board plus three (3) members from the Boys’ and Girls’ Boards, respectively (nine [9] total).
2. A Board quorum is three (3) members of the respective board (Executive, Girls’ or Boys’).
3. Boards are empowered to transact such business of the Program as it may deem necessary.
4. If a quorum is not present, the board may still conduct business. The business will be documented in the meeting minutes and shall be ratified with approval of the meeting minutes.
5. Passing motions require a simple majority of the quorum.
6. All Board Members shall have one vote.
7. The votes may be taken by voice, by standing, by board members name or by ballot. The program commissioner or assistance commissioners shall determine method on a case-by-case basis.
8. Proxy voting is allowed on agenda items. Proxy voting forms will be sent out to all board members one week in advance of the board meeting. Votes will be returned electronically and Proxies must be received by the Program Commissioner, with a copy sent to the Secretary, two (2) hours prior to the start of the scheduled meeting.

Article VIII – Hereford Lacrosse Policies:
Decisions specific to each program should be made by the respective boys’ or girls’ board and not by the HL board. Any decisions that affect both the girls’ and boys’ programs should be voted on by the HL board.
By-laws should be reviewed at least annually, by a committee designated by the Commissioner and approved by the HL board.
HL Policies will be general in nature with wide applicability while Girls’ and Boys’ procedures will add greater specificity and detail. Policies have lower precedence than by-laws and higher precedence than meeting motions. Policies should be reviewed at least annually, by a committee designated by the Commissioner and approved by the HL board.
1. The Girls’ and Boys’ programs will have a common set of policies.
2. All Policies (inclusive of, but not limited to: evaluations, tournaments, coaching selections, playing time, etc.) shall be voted on by the Board representing both the Girls’ and Boys’ program.
3. HL Policies shall be created “top down.” HL policies shall be voted on by the HL Board, for the good of the program.
Meeting Motions:
Meeting Motions, as recorded in the board minutes, have lower precedence than by-laws or policies.
1. Before a motion is put to the floor, the HL Commissioner and the Girls’ and Boys’ Assistant Commissioners will vote to determine if a motion is program specific. Simple majority wins.
2. If any board member appeals their decision, the entire board will vote to determine if a motion is program specific. Simple majority wins.

Article IX –Parliamentary Procedure:
HL and its’ Boards shall use Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct business and aid in the decision-making process. The Program Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners shall determine the degree of formality to which Robert’s Rules of Order shall be implemented.

Article X – Meetings:
1. The board will meet on the third Thursday of each month.
2. Meeting time, location, and the agenda will be distributed by the Program Commissioner prior to the board meeting.
3. Special meetings may be called at anytime by the Program Commissioner. The board must be notified 10 days prior to special meetings.
4. The Program Commissioner will develop the meeting agenda items. Agenda items may be added prior to the meeting by contacting the Program Commissioner one (1) week in advance of the regularly scheduled meeting date.
5. The Board Members shall be entrusted with the duty of carrying on the work of the Program. The Program Commissioner shall act in capacity of Chief Executive Office for the Program and shall preside over the Board meetings.
6. An attendance sheet will be circulated at each board meeting and recorded by the Program Secretary.
7. Meeting minutes shall be kept by the Program Secretary. Meeting minutes shall be distributed prior to the next board meeting.
8. The Boards Meetings shall be open to the public. The board encourages participation by friends of the Program.
a. Members and friends of the Hereford Lacrosse community are invited to attend general meetings of the Board. These guests are encouraged to bring and present ideas to the board for consideration. Guests who wish to have their ideas considered, should forward to the Commissioner, one week in advance, their suggestions. The Commissioner, at his discretion, with or without input from the Executive Board, may include as an agenda item at the next meeting or a subsequent meeting as appropriate. The Commissioner will determine where on the agenda the item will be placed for presentation.
b. The guest will have ample time to make their presentation to the board, with additional time allowed for a brief question/answer period. No discussion or decision will be made by the general board at the time of the presentation. If there is interest in pursuing the presented idea, a motion can be brought before the board for debate and vote at a later time. If an immediate decision is required, the Commissioner, as his discretion, may allow for a vote, after the board has had the opportunity to formally debate the motion. If an immediate vote is deemed necessary, the guest will leave the meeting and will be informed after the fact by the appropriate representative.
c. Guests are not permitted to participate in any discussions regarding any business in front of the Board during the meeting.

Article XI – Debating Motions
1. Agenda Items and Motions shall be written and submitted to the Secretary and Commissioner prior to debate.
2. To begin debate, a member of the Executive Board shall read the agenda item or motion.
3. A member must obtain the floor and the recognition of the presiding officer before beginning to speak.
4. The member who has made the motion has the right to speak on it first.
5. Board members must stand and address the board during debate.
6. In an effort to efficiently conduct business, the presiding officer may set a time limit on the debate or the length of time each member is allowed to speak.
7. A member can speak twice on a motion only when everyone who wants to speaks has already spoken.
8. Members must not use inflammatory statements such as “he’s a liar,” “it’s a lie.” Rather a member should say “I believe that there is strong evidence that the member is mistaken.” Profane language is NEVER to be used.
9. When speaking to a motion, it is important for the member to first let the assembly know which side of the issue he/she is on. For example, “I speak for the motion… (then give their reasons).”
10. During debate members should not disturb the assembly by whispering, talking, walking across the floor, or causing other distractions.

Article XII – Financial:
The Program shall operate financially within the guidelines as set forth by the HZRPC. The Program shall submit an annual Budget to Board Members for approval. At the end of the fiscal year, HL Treasurer shall submit financial statements to the Board Members for review and approval.

Article XIII – Amendments:
The By-Laws of the Program may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors. Any proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Commissioner and Board at least five (5) days in advance of the Board Meeting.

Article XIV –Communications:
All by-laws, policies, procedures, and meeting minutes for the Lacrosse program shall be posted on the website with access granted to those families who are members of Hereford Lacrosse.